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  • Celestials

    Celestials are powerful outer beings representing ideas throughout reality. They are worshiped as gods of their domains. They are seen each night in the numerous stars in the sky. However, the darkness in between each star is the lack of light left by a …

  • Rhol'gol

    Rhol'gol is the fallen celestial of shadows. Little is known about the mysterious being aside from its mastery of shadows. Its existence is only known due to Xol's influence as shadow cannot exist without light. Honored by assassins and rogues, few are …

  • Xol

    Xol is the known at the being of light. He can be seen each day as the sun. He is revered as he watches over the world and gives it sight, warmth, and life. Xol is believed to be the most powerful celestial as he is the closest to the plane of mortals and …

  • Zel

    Zel is the guardian of night and appears as the moon in the sky. He watches over mortal races at night and works in consort with Xol. While many revere Zel few are blessed by him with most blessed being of Xol. His symbol is a white circle with panning …

  • Orla

    Olra is the celestial of song. Refereed to commonly as female with a symbol of crossing instruments. Revered primarily by minstrels and bards.

  • Dorr

    Dorr is the celestial of death. Revered by death cults and the morbidly obsessed. It is accepted that the bodies of the dead join her yet the souls go onto Xol. "All will come to her bosom in death"

  • Rhu

    Rhu is the celestial of freedom. Revered by rebels and kingsmen alike.

  • Ein

    Ein is the celestial of the earth. He represents its unyielding power and vastness. Primarily revered by miners and dwarves.

  • Zur

    Zur is the celestial of hate. Commonly considered the center of evil. He spawns the worst feelings in all races. There is no openly known following for Zur.

  • Tyr

    Tyr is the celestial of seas. Revered by sailors in there travels. Is believed to have created all oceans and will one day unite them.

  • Bok

    Bok is the celestial of time. He is represented by hands around a circle, he spins the world to create the passage of time.

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