Middle Kingdoms of Argol

The middle section of Argol surrounding the Caged Sea is controlled by 4 major kingdoms. The kingdom of the Evertide elves located in Everwood. The Pantori kingdom of man surrounding the Caged Sea. The plains kingdom of the Herati and the south kingdom of Frisi.

The Pantori kingdom is the eastern kingdom of man surrounding the Caged Sea. Its capital is Veirsan the merchant center of the middle kingdoms. The ruling family remains the Patori lineage since its creation.

The Herati kingdom is the northern kingdom nested between the Shield and Mana Mountains. Its capital is Tyrll home to the Taticos family known for their extravagant warbeasts.

The Frisi kingdom is split over the Raynar Shield and thusly has little land within the middle kingdoms. Their holds north of the Raynar Shield have the larger population density than the holds in the Bilus desert. While the capital remains south of the mountains the city of Maniem is larger.

Squeezed between the kingdoms of man is the domain of the elves of Everwood. Their capital is Naerona and its location is not exactly known to man.

Within each of the mountain ranges lie the Highholds of the dwarves. Each highhold is contolled by a different founding family.

Middle Kingdoms of Argol

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