Of the races or Enthar, elves are the most majestic. They live their long lives in a search for tranquility and enlightenment.

The elven lands in the middle kingdom are associated with large forests. Their were only 3 main dynasties. The Evertide elves of Everwood, The Alder of Alderwood, and The Grey of the Greypine forest. Of these 3 only the Evertide remain, the others lost to time and conflict.

The elves all share many cultural trends but different in some philosophy. Their cities are integrated with the landscape in the trees, hills, and caves. Humans believe them to have powerful magics powered by unknown celestials. This puts them at odds with humanity as they do not follow Xol creating tension between the old and young races.

Elves Live for a long time, longer than any human knows but there are elves that lived through the entire Thalorus War so it is easy to believe 300 years. Young elves reach physical maturity around the ago of 35 years (similar to a 15 year old human).

The Evertide are masers of Everwood the largest forest of the middle kindgoms of Argol. In recent history the Thalorus War between the Pantori and the Thalorus kingdoms. This war lasted 132 years and its conclusion was the joining of the kingdoms in blood. The previous King Darius Pantori was married to the sister (Vanwen) of the elven King Locien. This marked the ending of the 3rd age of man’s record. Their son Baldo Pantori currently reigns in the Pantori Kingdom.

The Grey are a true mystery. The reason for their disappearance has been completely lost to man. Many scholars theorize that they were destroyed by their heathen ways. The city of Zilaer is built upon the an ancient Grey city. Many ruins have been found throughout the Greypine forest but it has been difficult to understand the lost culture.

Half Elves
The crossing of blood between man and elves. The children born of such a bond are both rare and lost in the world. Half elves are not accepted with the elves and can find themselves at odds with humans due to the recent war. Half elves bear many similarities to elves in appearance but lack the definition it elven features (ears, eyes, jaw, etc). Half-elves reach physical maturity around 25 years of age.

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