The existence of magic is well known throughout the kingdoms. However, the power and respect for magic differs greatly between regions.

Most magic is practiced by those blessed by the celestials called Celestial magic. The most common magics are the minor miracles of the church of Xol. The blessed of Xol can perform a myriad of spells most of them to purify water/food and sanctify. Healing is also possible but only capable by those with a stronger connection to Xol.

The other source of magic seems to be drawn for the world itself. This is referred to as Elemental magic practiced by mages. Elemental magic is less accepted than Celestial magic is as it is far more chaotic and powerful. It can only be performed by those born with the power and must be trained to wield it correctly/safely. This leads to it being persecuted as it is shrouded in mystery and can potentially wreak havoc on the world.

Celestial Magic

Like Xol, other celestials can grant their followers blessings. These powers are aligned with the nature of the being granted the power. Thusly, Xol grants light spells and healing, while Zel grants powers associated with night. Fallen can also bestow power to their followers. However, due to their weakened state they may not be able to sustain many powerful blessed. Those that openly follow Fallen are persecuted as heathens and heretics. This can be due to the Fallen’s reputation as evil or the lack of understanding of the Fallen or blessed.

To become a blessed, one must perform a ritual where they commit themselves to the idea of the celestial and contact the celestial. The celestial may then test their being further to accept them. A celestial can also remove its blessings if the caster fails to maintain its ideal.

Each day/night a blessed must pray/perform a ritual to their celestial and acquire the power for the spells they wish to perform. The process to contact a celestial usually requires material components. These spells are usually contained in a focus associated with the celestial to be discharged with verbal/somatic commands.

Elemental Magic

Elemental magic is believed to be more powerful than celestial magic as it draws from the world itself. However, there are few that born with the power to use it and those that do may never develop their powers. There are few powerful wizards but they are feared and respected for their potential. This has lead to fledgling mages being persecuted by the general populous and the church.

To become a mage you must be born with the power

A mage may draw upon their powers at anytime, granted he has the energy. This makes mages highly specialized on fewer spells than blessed but those spells tend to be more powerful.


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